The particle physics phenomenology group at the INFN, sezione di Roma Tre will have funding for one 2 years post-doctoral position in high-energy phenomenology, starting in Autumn 2023 on the topic “Precision studies for physics of Fundamental Interactions”

The relevant group members for this job include: Giuseppe Degrassi, Davide Meloni, Roberto Franceschini.

Topics of major interest for the group on which the applicant is expected to collaborate include theories beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics in general and in particular: precision electroweak and collider physics at LHC and future colliders, with particular focus on precision Standard Model phenomenology and direct and indirect searches for new physics; models of neutrino masses and mixing in extension of the Standard Model, investigation of possible BSM neutrino signatures at Long Baseline experiments.
The group enjoys daily contact with experimental groups working on the ATLAS experiment, the DarkSide experiment and the Belle2 experiment. University environment allows easy exchange with researches in neighboring areas of physics investigated in the Department and INFN section such as theoretical astrophysics, cosmology and astro-particle physics.
Well established scientific links and joint activities exist with other groups in Rome area (Rome 1 “Sapienza”, Rome 2 “Tor Vergata” and INFN National Laboratory in Frascati).

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The application must be submitted via the central INFN recruitment site as explained in the call available at this link:
Applications must be uploaded no later than november 11th, 2022 (11:59 a.m. CET).
Reference letters must be uploaded no later than november 14th, 2022(11:59 a.m. CET) at the following link:

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