In order to use the INFN laboratories and equipment it is necessary to:

  1. Be registered with the personnel office;
  2. Have the Work Destination form filled in by the Manager;
  3. Have an account assigned by the data center;
  4. Be physically placed in a workplace.

After that it is necessary to follow the five videos on Safety, Prevention and Protection and finally download the Learning test, fill it in also including the name of the laboratory you intend to access and send it by email to the following address:

Subsequently, the RSPP will authorize the person to access the laboratory by communicating the name to the Laboratory Manager who will update the list of authorized persons located at the entrance door.

Video list:

  1. General rules for accessing infn research laboratories
  2. Fire emergency report
  3. Report of injury or malaise
  4. Fire emergency procedures
  5. Rules to be adopted in the event of a earthquake

Learning test of the Safety