The INFN Sezione di Roma Tre contributes to the ATLAS experiment at LHC since its design.

ATLAS Roma Tre group logo

The actual components of the ATLAS Roma Tre group are:

Toni Baroncelli, Michela Biglietti, Filippo Ceradini, Biagio Di Micco, Roberto Di Nardo, Ada Farilla, Mauro Iodice, Domizia Orestano, Fabrizio Petrucci and Giuseppe Salamanna.

There are also 7 PhD students in the group:

Ina Paris Bastha, Maria Teresa Camerlingo, Valerio D’Amico, Luca Martinelli, Eleonora Rossi, Muhammad Sohail and Valentina Vecchio.


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The group participated in the construction of a fraction of the Monitored Drift Tubes (MDT), to their installation and calibration.

The Roma Tre team is currently involved in the construction of the Micromegas chambers, a new important detector for the ATLAS upgrade in view of the increase of luminosity of the LHC.

ATLAS Roma Tre group is very active in the analysis where it is involved mainly in Higgs boson production and decay studies and in the Top quark physics.