The Belle II detector will collect billions of e+ e- collision that will be produced at the SuperKEKB collider at the KEK laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan.
The experiment is part of a broad-based search for new physics and of the high precision study of matter-antimatter asymmetry in the b (bottom) quark system, based on high luminosity colliders.
The high statistics which will be collected with Belle II and SuperKEKB will allow very precise measurements in the B and tau sector.
The Belle II collaboration consists of over 500 physicists and engineers from 99 institutions in 23 countries.

More information about Belle II can be found in the official sites of the experiment:

Roma Tre team involved on this exeriment:
Enrico Bernieri, Paolo Branchini, Antonio Budano, Federico Budano, Giacomo De Pietro, Enrico Graziani, Alberto Martini, Antonio Passeri, Diego Tagnani.